Headshot of Julia Ye

Julia Ye


Julia Ye is a Grade 12 student from Pinetree Secondary School. She felt inspired by the YAS Conference in 2019, then initially joined YAS’ executive team as the IT director. Julia feels empowered by what the team has achieved last year, and wants to help more youths discover their career paths. She is also the VP of IT at Wish Youth Network Society and has a passion for STEM and music.

Headshot of Edward Ding

Edward Ding


Edward Ding is a Grade 11 student from Saint George’s School. He believes that students should choose their careers with passion and the confidence that they’re making the correct choice. Many of his peers either have lived to regret the field that they —or their parents— have chosen, or have experienced difficulty in becoming passionate towards a specific career....read more!

Headshot of Simar Shoker

Simar Shoker

Director of Marketing

Simar Shoker is a senior at North Delta Secondary School. She joined YAS in order to not only take leadership and gain new skills, but also to help youth explore and discover their career paths. Simar is also a Student Reps Campaign Coordinator for B.C Youth Council, Co-founder of B.C Youth Working Together, active member of the Delta Youth Advisory Council, active member in the...read more!

Headshot of Sam Javier

Sam Javier

Director of Marketing

Sam is a Grade 11 at Steveston-London Secondary. As a student during the pandemic, she found great relief and understanding about her future career path with YAS. Sam has been involved in leading affairs at her school and beyond, and she’s excited to take on the thrilling position of Director of Marketing. When not working with the team, she usually spends her time conducting market...read more!

Headshot of Crystal Wen

Crystal Wen

Director of Outreach

Crystal Wen is a Grade 9 student at A.R. MacNeill Secondary School. She joined YAS to extend her experience in various career fields and assist youths in finding the professions that fit them best. Crystal also holds the positions of Lower-Mainland Vice Regional Chair in BCYC, Student Representative in StuCo, and Tutor with TLB. Her passions are hip-hop dance and teaching students.

Headshot of Jilleanne Ricana

Jilleanne Ricana

Director of Outreach

Jilleanne Ricana is a Grade 11 at Little Flower Academy. She joined the YAS executive team in hopes of learning the leadership roles and responsibilities that come with working as a team in a nonprofit organization. As a member of YAS, her goal is to assist students’ exploration in the career fields they wish to pursue. As for passions, she has a great love for music and visual arts.

Headshot of Vincent Wong

Vincent Wong

Director of Administration

Vincent Wong is a senior at Prince of Wales Mini School. His empathy for his peers who struggle with career-planning motivated him to become involved with YAS in 2017. In his first year on the team, he was the youngest member, providing equal leadership as a Grade 9 student amidst the otherwise Grade 12 cohort. Over the past three years...read more!

Headshot of Donald Lee

Donald Lee

Director of IT

Donald Lee is a Grade 11 student at Vancouver Technical Secondary School. He wanted to join YAS because hosting career conferences and inspiring youth seemed really fun. Additionally, Donald also wanted to meet new people and further improve some of his skills! His other extracurriculars include being the Head of IT for Youth Helping Youth BC, and a...read more!

Headshot of Gurtegjit Kaur

Gurtegjit Kaur

Director of Finance and Sponsorship

Gurtegjit Kaur is a Grade 11 at Enver Creek Secondary. Joining Youth Achieving Success has enabled her to help others find their interests, and career paths. YAS helps her discover more experience on finances as well as providing an opportunity to use her skills for youth. Other than YAS, she spends her time reading, biking and playing badminton.

Headshot of Parnikaa Karki

Parnikaa Karki

Director of Logistics

Parnikaa Karki is a Grade 10 student at Tamanawis Secondary School. She joined YAS to help more youth and teens discover their career paths. Parnikaa is also the Linens N Love BC President, EMGirls Vancouver External Affairs Director, Girls For Business Public Relations Coordinator, BTD Tamanawis Vice President of Public Relations...read more!

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