Headshot of Brian Wen

Brian Wen

Brian Wen is a 7th grade student at F.A Tomsett Elementary. Brian joined Youth Achieving Success to improve his communication skills as well as meet new peers. Brian was a mentor for younger students at his taekwondo class. He enjoys playing badminton and drawing in his spare time.

Headshot of Christian Herholdt

Christian Herholdt

Christian Herholdt is a grade 10 student at West Vancouver Secondary School. He joined YAS to help others find and follow their passions to a career, like he does. He can speak 4 languages and plans to travel one day to pursue his interest of becoming an archaeologist.

Headshot of Venice Chan

Venice Chan

Venice Chan is a grade 11 student at École Dr. Charles Best Secondary School. She wanted to join YAS because she believes that YAS's conferences allows youth to explore more and giving them the knowledge to choose the right career path. More than that, she joined...read more!

Headshot of Adhrit Naphar

Adhrit Naphar

Adhrit Naphar is a Grade 11 student at L.A Matheson Secondary. He wanted to join YAS so that he could help to build a supportive community and create resources and opportunities for students to help guide them on the right path. Adhrit is involved in volunteering and...read more!

Headshot of Zakira Alkozai

Zakira Alkozai

Zakira Alkozai is completing her final year at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. Through social media Zakira learned about YAS and decided to look further into it. She found that she loved everything YAS stood for and it would be a great investment for her to invest her time and effort...read more!

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